Proposal writing and submission of the application. Our principal aim is to relieve the future partners of the EC bureaucracy related to the preparation and submission of the EU project proposal. We accompany you during the whole application phase and monitor the process of the proposal writing from its draft to the timely submission of the completed document.

Due to our experience we usually take over the preparation of the implementation part of the proposal. In a clear and concise way, and in accordance with EC requirements, we present the structure of the consortium, together with the scientific / commercial profiles of the partners and their competences relevant to the project. We pay also great attention here to illustrate project-oriented risk management as well as its IPR policy.

Grant agreement and consortium agreement. After an acceptance of a proposal, we negotiate the consortium agreement and prepare the grant agreement. If during project execution any amendment to the already signed grant or consortium agreement should be necessary, we are in charge of conducting the amendment procedure in compliance with the EC regulations and following the recommendations of the project officer.

Financial management. We execute calculation and administration of the budget for the whole project duration on the basis of the costs claimed by the individual partners. In reference to the financial reporting, we support our partners in several ways. First, we provide the templates and check the figures. Next, we assist them by issuing the genuine financial statements (forms C) and supervise the submission process in the NEF system.

Project reporting. Timely submission of the high-quality project documents is our priority. As an administrative manager, we will ensure that all parties involved in the preparation and review process deliver the complete reports on time, as stated in the project timetable. By means of emails and project intranet, the partners are well in advance informed about the upcoming deliverables and periodic reports. We provide all templates for the required documents (.docx and LaTeX) so you can have a quick start and focus on the content. For your administrative colleagues, we have prepared Excel tables with help texts and built-in checks.

Project intranet. We maintain and administer a user-friendly project intranet, not accessible to the outside world, which allows the participants to have a constant access to the documents repository (templates, guides, official project documents, deliverables, dissemination material). Partners can add or modify content and share it with other partners. Special emphasis is put on the protection of specific content (financial reports of partners, deliverables marked confidential).

Communication within the project. A constant and smooth information flow is crucial for every project to run properly and according to the planned schedule. Apart from email notifications, at the work package level we organize teleconferences with the presence of all WP leaders and take minutes usually available to all partners within 24 hours. Our role on the consortium assumes also the communication with the representative of the European Commission (project officer), especially if any formal changes in project documents are to be implemented.


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